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Grants To Build Skateboard Parks


1. are designed and built from concrete by qualified and experienced skatepark contractors. 2. include local skaters throughout the planning, fundraising, and design process. 3. are in low-income areas and/or areas with a high population of "at-risk" youth. 4. can demonstrate a strong grassroots commitment to the project, particularly in the form of fundraising by local skateboarders and other community groups. 5. have a creative mix of street obstacles (rails, ledges, stairs, etc.) and transition/vert terrain (quarterpipes, bowls, halfpipes, etc.) 6. don’t require skaters or their parents to sign waivers. 7. encourage skaters to look after their own safety and the safety of others without restricting their access to the park or over-regulating their use of it. 8. are open during daylight hours, 365 days a year. 9. don’t charge an entrance fee. 10. are in areas that currently have no skateboarding facilities.


Minimum Grant: $ 1,000 Maximum Grant: $25,000


The Tony Hawk Foundation Grant Application is currently not available. The next grant season begins June 15, 2012. The application will be available at that time, and due on July 2, 2012. We recommend downloading the Printable Worksheet (linked above) and preparing your answers there before starting the actual online Application form.