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A ‘Pitch Count' for your brain

Impact Sensors: i1 Biometrics Vector Mouthguard

Who We Are

i1 Biometrics Tackling Sport Impacts Head On

With a focus on cutting edge technology for the sports market, i1 Biometrics is tackling the head injury epidemic, head on. Our state-of-the-art Vector Intelligent Mouthguard can instantly track and tally the cumulative forces of collisions as they happen during all levels of competition.


Brain being impacted from all directions




We're moving beyond the peak linear acceleration data that is captured in many of today's sensor systems; our system provides real-time display of advanced impact measures, such as rotational acceleration and head injury criterion.










Our Product

More than 3.8 Million concussions and brain Injuries occur in sports each year.

The innovative, new i1 Biometrics Impact Intelligence System is a complete solution to the growing epidemic of undiagnosed Sports Brain Injuries. Our Vector Mouthguard featuring proprietary ESPTM Chip Technology gives sideline personnel the ability to accurately measure the location and level of any given impact, and to establish an athlete's history of exposure and injury.