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Fostering a Healthy Winning Attitude

In her recent blog, Shelly Prall asks how to help her eleven-year-old son, a wrestler, keep the possibility of winning another state championship in perspective. I believe, along with John Dee, that if a child is naturally competitive, as it sounded from Shelly's blog, then that spirit should be fostered! Humans are naturally competitive and there is nothing wrong with wanting to win a second state championship. However, the long-term goal in our sons' lives was always to improve enough to make the team at the next level.

Reinventing Myself

There are many people on this website more qualified than I to give advice on how parents can help their children become successful individuals (athletics being only a part of that formula). I would like to discuss the flip side: how to maintain a balanced lifestyle as the parent of athletes (thereby raising well-adjusted and happy kids!). It's not an easy task.

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