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Supplements Recommended for Multitasking Women and Kids

Health Expert Swati Srivastava has
recently recommended that today’s busy woman needs a balanced diet,
daily exercise, and supplements. “Today’s modern woman tries to
maintain a fine balance between her personal and professional life;
so a balanced diet and exercise are not enough as they require best
health supplements to keep fit and healthy. Generally women don’t
take their health concerns very seriously. But the effects tend to
show later in life when the body refuses to work tirelessly,”
Srivastava said.

Because busy lifestyles often leave
women feeling harried, they pay less attention to their food intake,
leading to impulsive grocery purchases and eating. In the past,
science has told us that if we eat a balanced diet, we don’t need
supplements. Today though, eating a balanced diet is usually
difficult. Breakfast is often eaten on the run, lunches are skipped,
and dinners often come from a box or take-out bag.

Taking a quality multivitamin can help
fill in the gaps left by less healthy food choices. And adding
supplements to your diet isn’t just recommended for adults and
seniors. Studies are showing that American teenagers aren’t getting
enough vitamins and minerals in their diets either. According to KATV
in Arkansas, teens are falling short in vitamin A, vitamin E, iron,
folic acid, zinc, calcium, and vitamin D. In fact, the Department of
Agriculture said that 64 percent of teen boys and 86 percent of teen
girls are calcium deficient.

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