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USA Hockey - Are they helping or hurting  our kids?

USA Hockey is the
governing body of all travel teams across the USA.  They take our  money each
year because we all need to possess that USA number to participate on travel
teams, but are they helping or hurting us?
Sure, we receive that USA Hockey
Magazine in exchange for the millions of dollars they make, but where are they
when you have a real hockey problem?
As I continue on this hockey journey, I
am finding that our children do not have voices.  Many of us have begun sharing
our negative USA Hockey stories, and it paints a very scary

Players are sometimes bullied by coaches and referees can do and
say anything they please to have a player ejected and suspended for any amount
of time.  Sure you are granted a hearing - a one-sided hearing where you are
told that if you say anything negative about a coach or referee your life will
be made miserable.  The player is humiliated in front of a board of men and told
to apologize no matter what his or her story is.   Don't consider a lawyer
because your player would be banned from USA Hockey preventing them from ever
playing travel hockey again.  Even submitting video proof will not help your
case because it is not accepted and will not be viewed.  I wonder if the same
would be true if a player was busted on video.

USA Hockey is an
emotionally abusive organization.   They are as arrogant and spiteful as they
If you have not yet had the pleasure of dealing with USA Hockey, rest
assured that  if you find yourself needing their guidance or help, you will not
receive it.