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Questions To Ask During Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation or Exam

One of the most important parts of the preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) most sports programs require is the taking of a complete medical history. Parents should make sure that, regardless of the PPE form their child's program uses, the health professional asks the right questions.

Conditioning Program Helps Prevent Youth Sports Injuries

Proper conditioning can reduce the risk of injury in all sports, including baseball and soccer. It is particularly important for female athletes, who are predisposed to instability or dislocation of the kneecap (patella), pain and problems under the kneecap, and non-contact injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), especially in sports like soccer and basketball that require twisting and cutting.

Protective Eyewear Reduces Eye Injuries

The most effective treatment for sports-related eye injuries is prevention. Wearing protective eyewear may prevent as many as 90% of all eye injuries.  That's why many experts want protective eyewear to be mandatory for children playing sports.

Why a No-Cut Policy for Middle School Teams Is a Good Idea

Does your child's middle school have a no-cut policy or does it limit the number of children who get a chance to participate in interscholastic sports? What are the reasons for cutting kids who want to play sports from teams up to high school sub-varsity? Are there reasons why cutting is a bad idea? The founder of MomsTeam, Brooke de Lench, explains why she fought for a no-cut policy at her sons' middle school.

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Sports Begins At Home

As the case involving sexual abuse by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert highlights, it is not unusual for athletes to tolerate years of abuse before coming forward because sexual abuse has a high shame factor. But there are a number of values parents can instill, skills they can teach, and behaviors they can model to minimize the chances that their child will become a victim of abuse in sports.

Sexual Abuse of Boys in Sports: Does The Sports Culture Itself Play A Role?

Given the dominant importance of masculinity in male sport, it is not surprising that many within sport (as well as beyond sport) do not even believe that boys are sexually abused in sports. But, sadly, as Jerry Sandusky conviction showed, and the new allegations of sexual abuse against former House Speaker Dennis Hastert suggest, it does happen, perhaps a lot more than people think.

Most Kids Have Suffered Abuse In Sports

Almost half (45.3%) of those surveyed (both males and females) said they had been emotionally abused while participating in sports (i.e. called names, yelled at, or insulted).

Risk Management Programs Help Keep Children Safe in Sports

More and more, national, state and local youth sports organizations are establishing risk management committees to reduce the legal and financial risks to members of the boards of clubs, leagues and state associations through proper management, while at the same time safeguarding players.

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