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"I have worked with Brooke and MomsTeam for years, and have come to know both a woman of courage, inspiration, and devotion to a cause. She strives every day to make sports for children safer, healthier, and happier for all involved."
"Already, because of Brooke de Lench's inspiration and dedication, a powerful movement of mothers dedicated to improving youth sports has taken form."
"Brooke de Lench, Founder of, is a beacon for those of us working to change the landscape of today's youth sport environment. At a time when our nation faces increasing problems related to obesity and lack of physical activity, we have evolved a youth sport scene which is both irrational and exclusionary. Ms. de Lench has dedicated herself to changing this myopic way of treating our children."
"The best advice comes from moms in the trenches, shared with one another. Brooke de Lench is not only in the trenches herself, but is surrounded by people in the trenches. I admire what she has done for sports moms and her vision for the future. Her stories, collaborative efforts, women's vision and commitment to the highest values refresh my hope for tomorrow and the future of youth sports. MomsTeam is just what sports parents desperately need."
"An invaluable resource, MomsTeam, is superbly informative and educational. Brooke de Lench and the team at MomsTeam is the pioneer in youth sports concussion education and information."
"I am a subscriber to your monthly newsletter and always find your articles interesting and educational."
"I am impressed with MomsTeam and the knowledge, care, and dedication you all demonstrate."
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