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Healthy Eating Away From Home

Fast Food Meals Can Be Part of Healthy Diet for Youth Athletes

Eating at fast-food restaurants is common among players in travel sports programs, especially at multi-game tournaments.  But while many fast food meals are high in fat, they can be part of a sports-active child's healthy diet as long as parents follow some simple guidelines.

Travel Teams: Healthy Eating for the Youth Athlete Away from Home

If you have a child playing winter sports, chances are your calendar is already chock full of regular season and holiday tournaments.  A new study shows that nutrition often takes a back seat to convenience during tournament play.  But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some strategies to help parents make healthy choices at fast food, family-style and ethnic restaurants, and grocery and convenience stores when traveling for sports this winter.

Most Food and Beverage Consumed At Youth Baseball Games Unhealthy, Study Finds

High-calorie snacks and sugar-sweetened beverages dominate the concession stand menus at youth baseball games, finds a new observational study, contributing to unhealthy dietary practices for children and adults.

Feeding Young Athletes On A Budget: A Nutritional Challenge For Busy Sports Parents

A limited food budget creates a nutritional challenge for parents of active kids. The name of the fueling game is: How can you buy enough healthy calories with the least amount of money? These practical tips can help optimize a low-budget sports diet.

Concession Stand Food Doesn't Need To Be Unhealthy To Sell, Study Finds

The often unhealthy food choices youth athletes are offered at concession stands can be replaced with healthier items without a loss of revenue or profits or customer satisfaction, says a first-of-its-kind study.

Sports Nutrition On the Go: Advice for Parents Is Drink Up, Load Up, Refuel, and Replenish

To help on-the-go sports parents, here are four important sports nutrition points to remember and some tips on how to plan ahead for the hustle and bustle of the fall sports seasons: drink up, load up, refuel, and replenish

Poor Nutrition At Summer Tournaments: Is 'Vacation Mindset' To Blame?

With summer tournaments having long since replaced family vacations for many sports parents, it's easy to get in a "vacation mindset" when it comes to nutrition.  But, says one sports dietitian and mom, the fact is that kids can't 'out-train' a bad diet, especially if it includes unhealthy food from concession stands every weekend.

Concession Stand Food: Does It Have To Be Unhealthy?

Parents know that food offered at youth sports concession stands is unhealthy and are skeptical that real change is possible, but there may be more support for more healthy concession stand fare than some realize.

Sports Nutrition On The Road: Plan Ahead

When an athlete is traveling, they need to plan ahead to meet their nutritional needs, says sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD. She recommends bringing cereal, granola bars, trail mix and even peanut butter sandwiches to avoid the hunger that can lead to poor nutritional choices on the road.

Travel Team Nutrition: Tips for Sports Parents, Coaches, and Managers

Proper nutrition for athletes at away games and tournaments don't have to suffer.  Here are some travel team nutrition tips for sports parents, coaches and managers. 
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