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What to Eat During Stop-And-Go/Short Duration Sports

Hydration and Nutrition Tips

If your child is playing stop-and-go sports (basketball, football, volleyball, hockey etc.) or participating in short-duration events (gymnastics, sprints to middle distances in track etc.), here are some tips on what he should eat and drink on the day of competition:

  • Drink fluids and eat carbohydrates throughout the day. A failure to refuel and replace fluid losses because your child has to compete again can cause performance to deteriorate, particularly towards the end of the day.
  • If there is less than an hour between competitions, have your child consume a sports drink.
  • When there are several hours between events or games, in addition to drinking fluids, have your child eat easily digestible, carbohydrate-dense snacks such as fruit, grain products (fig bars, bagels, graham crackers), low fat-yogurt, sports/energy bars, or liquid meals.
  • When events/games are separated by three hours or more, it is safe for your child to have a high-carbohydrate meal.

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