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Buying Field Hockey Shoes

While the game of field hockey is played on many different kinds of surfaces around the world, the three main ones are grass, field turf (which is made of polyethylene plastic grass and an in-fill base of "crumb rubber" made from ground-up recycled tires), to either dry or water-based artificial turf field.  The shoes your daughter shouldwear playing field hockey depends on the playing surface:

  • For grass (the surface on which most high school games are played), look for shoes with rubber cleats. 

  • For artificial turf surfaces, on which some high school games and most college games are played, select a turf shoe or a cross-training shoe with good lateral support to provide good traction. Do not wear rubber cleats on any artificial turf field.

Whatever shoe your daughter wears, it should have good cushioning and be big enough to accommodate two pairs of socks (the second pair of socks is to hold up her shin guards and provide extra cushioning to protect her feet from all the pounding of running that she will be doing).


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