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High School Football, Girls Basketball Have Most Severe Injuries: Study

Which high school sports pose the highest risk of severe injury?  Football leads the list, slightly more than wrestling and more than twice the rate in girls' basketball and girls' soccer.  The safest of the nine studied? Girls volleyball.

Head Impacts Greater Among High School Football Players

A new NATA study shows that high school football players sustain greater head accelerations after impact during play than do college-level football players - forces which can lead to concussions and serious cervical spine injuries.  Teaching proper tackling technique to avoid helmet-to-helmet contact is critical, says the study's authors.

Pre-Season Heat-Acclimatization Guidelines

In 2009, the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) issued a set of high school-specific pre-season heat- acclimatization guidelines as part of its ongoing effort to reduce the number of heat-related athletic injuries in secondary schools. The guidelines have been adopted in seventeen states and are being considered by many others.

Concussion Return to Play Guidelines: Longer Recovery Time Needed, Says Doctor

If it was up to Dr. Lester Mayers, young athletes who suffer sports concussions would be not be allowed to return to play (RTP) for 4 to 6 weeks after injury, a significant departure from current concussion guidelines which allow RTP 1 to 2 weeks after an athlete's concussion signs and symptoms clear, both at rest and during exercise.

Football Shoes

Whatever your child's position on the football field and the type of playing surface, there's a football cleat for him

Xenith X1 Football Helmet Provides More Protection Against Concussions, Founder Says

Xenith founder and CEO, Vin Ferrara, explains how Xenith X1 football helmet protects better than other helmets against concussions and emphasizes the importance of concussion education.

Ban On Horse Collar Tackles Highlights 2010 High School Football Rule Changes

Grabbing the inside back or side collar of a runner's shoulder pads or jersey and pulling the runner to the ground (a so-called horse-collar tackle) will result in a 15 yard penalty in high school football beginning with the 2010 season.  The ban was one of 10 rules changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in February 2009.

Football Helmet Faceshields Reduce Eye Injuries

Researchers have determined that the two most popular brands of football helmet faceshields can withstand a hit equivalent to a kick in the face and provide that protection without disrupting players' vision.  The faceshields' protective potential bolsters an argument favoring mandatory use of the shields for college-age football players and younger.

Second Impact Syndrome, Though Rare, Poses Catastrophic Risk To Concussed High School Athletes

Second-impact syndrome occurs when a high school athlete who sustains a head injury - often a concussion or worse injury, such as a cerebral contusion (bruised brain) - sustains a second head injury before symptoms associated with the first injury have cleared. The condition, while rare, causes a sharp increase in intracranial pressure that is almost always fatal, says Dr. Robert Cantu.

Concussion Defined

A concussion Is defined as trauma (e.g. usually but not always a blow to the head, face or neck) which causes the brain  to collide with the skull. A "concussion" is derived from the Latin concutere, meaning to shake violently. It is also often referred to as an MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury).
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