Reflections of a European summer and a season of Races

Graveyard Call, was the event we flew to France for.  It is an IGSA event (International Gravity Sport Association). This was where we spent our first few jet-lagged days of our 17 day adventure.  Argonay is a small village at the outskirts of Annecy, a lovely holiday destination in the French Alps.  I highly recommend Annecy for a trip alternative to Paris--though we loved Paris.

Race season is on in BC: Attack of Danger Bay, Jake's Rash and Gold Rush Challenge!!!

The birds twittered in their see-saw way this morning under a grey sky.  I rolled over wondering if it was time to get up yet..  The clock read 5:31am.  I rolled back, shut my eyes and momentarily wondered if I should check to see if Wolf had woken up, if his alarm had gone off.  This morning is the second race in three days, and he had a ferry to catch.  But then I heard the latch of the gate shut, the tell-tale slap of skateboard wheels on the back lane and he was gone.  No need for me to get up after all.  But by then it was too late;  I was awake.

Outlaw Racing

Unlike soccer and field-hockey, two team sports I am also very familar with, downhill skateboard racing, (aka, longboarding)  is often done in an 'outlaw' format.  This was forbidding in my home until this year.  I couldn't handle sending my child off to a non-sanctioned race, and 'outlaw' just sounded so bad.

My Kid is Printed Magazine Glory

This was our surprise this week.  Wolf came home with the latest issue of Concrete Wave, the magazine for longboarders, and many skateboarders too, as far as I know.  (There are dozens of other skateboarder mags out there, but not so many that feature longboarding).  And there on page five, I think, and I should say all of page five, is this fantastic ad featuring the one, the only, Wolfgang Coleman, my fifteen year old son!!! Okay this is one proud mama here.  I can't help it. Wolf coleman in Concrete Wave Mag. ad

Lorrie Miller, mom of skateboarding racing star, Wolfgang, talks about her son's appearance in an ad in a skateboarding magazine.

Push for the Cure

Push for the Cure is an annual event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Canadian National Coverage for the sport and being a parent of a speedy child!

At the beginning of this month, mid-race season, I had the pleasure of having one of my articles accepted for publication in a National Canadian newspaper.  I have received a lot of positive feedback on the article from both longboarders (down-hill skateboarders) and their parents too.  I thought that readers south of the boarder that may not see this article, may be interested too.

My Son's Need for speed.  Published in The Globe and Mail.

A fast summer

This summer is going by rather quickly, but for my son, who now is in full race season, it is going quicker yet.  He is riding so much more than during the winter season, and he seems to be pushing his skill level higher too.  I haven't seen him race since the Gold Rush Challenge.  The next race/ ride he goes to, he'll be with my sister--the rest of his family will be cheering him on from a distance.

Latest Race, but I slept in

"It's around 6:30 -6:45 and I left to go to the Wack Attack!  I'll call you in a bit and let you know what's up.

DAD: I took 5$ from you wallet for bus fare? I'm sorry if this inconveniences you at all and so you hat to go get more money.

There is COFFEE on the Stove! (I made it just for you guys!)

I love you! TAlk to you in a bit.

- Wolf"

"Riders on." Race day at Danger Bay

The weather gods shone down on the Attack of Danger Bay!  8:30 arrived with the pierce of a blow horn.  Though the forecast had called for rain, there was barely a trace of cloud and the sun was already hot.  Trial runs began and racers came down in varied groups, men, women and one child.  At fifteen, my son, Wolf was not t

Skateboarding for Beginners

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