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Hip Strength and Stamina Important for Long Distance Runners

Whether an athlete is running high school cross country, preparing for a local half marathon, or getting ready for an ultra-competitive international triathlon, improving the strength and stamina of their hip muscles can help improve times while reducing the risk of injury.

Becoming A Basketball Mom Was Tougher Than I Thought!

The New Year has started, which means a new school semester and a new sports season.  It is cold and wet outside, so we have taken our sports enthusiasm from the gridiron to the basketball court; a tough transition for a dedicated football mom like me!

That my knowledge of basketball wasn't nearly as deep as my understanding of football was driven home to me, so to speak, during the first week back to school when I picked up my son and four of his classmates after school.

Learning the right lingo to use while cheering on her teenage son at a basketball game proved to be more of a challenge for one dedicated football mom than she thought.

Single Leg Squats: Crucial Exercise For Athletic Success

Every sports training program looks to achieve two main objectives: improve performance and reduce risk of injury. One particular exercise that does not get enough attention is the single leg squat. For lower body strength, balance, and overall reduced risk of injury, regular performance of this exercise is crucial to athletic success

Sex, Drugs, and Cheating In Sports: Is Money At The Heart Of the Problem?

With much fanfare and publicity, a Minnesota high school hockey coach recently posted his 500th career win. What the articles about achieving the milestone failed to mention was that he is alleged to have racked up all those wins with the help of players he had recruited, a practice which is prohibited at the high school level in Minnesota.  It would seem, however, that only winning matters to most people.

Are an entertainment-driven, winning-at-all-costs society, along with the never-ending quest for money, the root cause of the cheating, lying, alcohol and sexual abuse by coaches and athletes which too often plague today's high school and college sports?

Muscle-Enhancing Behaviors More Common Among Teens Than Previously Thought

The use of muscle-enhancing behaviors among middle and high school boys and girls - including such unhealthy behaviors as using protein powders or shakes, steroids, and other muscle-enhancing substances - is substantially higher than previously reported, a new study finds.

Delay Sport Specialization Until Late Adolescence, Experts Say

While some degree of sport specialization is required to achieve elite status, for most sports, intense training in a single sport to the exclusion of others should be delayed until late adolescence to maximize chances of success while minimizing risk for injury and burnout, recommends a new study.

Relative Age Effect Reversal Found At Elite Level of Canadian Hockey

Much has been made of the relative age effect (RAE) - that birth month is destiny for sports achievement - but the evidence is far from conclusive. It is true that some sports team rosters across the globe have a lot of players born in the first few months of the year, but there is more to this phenomenon than originally understood.

Gender Gap in High School Sports Opportunities Widening, Reversing Previous Gains, Says New Study

The gender gap in high school sports opportunities widened over the past decade while the number of schools without any interscholastic sports has doubled, finds a new study, which raises troubling questions about the future of interscholastic sports at the secondary school level.

US Soccer's High School Ban: A Question of Integrity?

US Soccer's new rule banning players on its Development Academy teams from playing high school soccer is designed to strengthen our national teams, but, says one veteran interscholastic sports administrator, the move raises questions about the integrity of the sport's national governing body.

Making Memories…High School Sports

How many opportunities do you get to play sports in high school?  Parents, looking back during your day, how much fun did sports bring to your high school experience?   Sports can bring a tremendous amount of fun and school spirit and this can happen both as a player and or as a spectator.    

How many opportunities do you get to play sports in High School? Parents, looking back during your day, how much fun did sports bring to your high school experience?
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