Peak Athletic Performance

Training Journals Can Help Maximize Athletic Performance

Keeping a training journal can help an athlete understand not only what they did to perform at their best but their worst.

Maximizing Athletic Performance: The Art of the Taper

Whether it be track cycling, swimming, track and field, or cross-country, a taper is an extremely important part of achieving peak performance, but a full taper should only be done before the most important competitions, says two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom, Erin Mirabella.

Cross-Training Helps Maintain Off-Season Fitness

Two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom, Erin Mirabella, talks about her experience with cross-training and offers advice to parents on helping their child find the right sport or cross-training regimen for them.

Massages Before and After Sports Help Performance

Massage therapy is often an overlooked component of good athletic training, yet the benefits of including this type of "passive" modality into an athlete's routine can mean the difference between reaching training goals in a more balanced way and overstressing the body. Neglecting the body and just going for the "burn" can sometimes spell disaster and lead to injuries requiring months of recovery on the sports sidelines.

One Year Older and Miles Forward

It has been awhile since I have contributed a blog article to this website; a year of grief, chaos, school, travel and sporting events keeping me from my passion of writing.  Although I have not written here, I continue to visit this site and my previous articles to revisit just how far Nicholas has come as an athlete an individual and, more importantly, just how far our family has come as a "team".  

Pre-Competition Routine Helps Athletic Performance

Parents and coaches who help athletes develop a pre-competition routine will see enormous dividends.   Tweaked to fit a child’s specific needs, it can be valuable not only for sports (such as cross-country and track), but for tests at school, or virtually any activity.

Time Off From Sports Important

Is your child taking a break from sports this summer or, as so many kids do these days, filling up their summer with tournaments, sports camps and showcases? Long-time U.S. Women's National Hockey Team member, and four-time Olympian, Angela Ruggerio says that, even for (and perhaps especially for) elite athletes, taking time off from a sport to rest and maintain motivation is vitally important.

Teaching Kids to Relax Playing Sports

Parents can help young athletes overcome anxiety and have more fun playing sports, including a technique called performance exhaling.

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