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Illinois Concussion Class Action Lawsuit: More Questions Than Answers

A longtime high school sports administrator argues that the Illinois high school concussion class action lawsuit raises many questions that shouldn't be decided by the first lawyer to get to the courthouse but only after careful consideration by state legislatures and high school sports administrators of all the issues arising from concussions and other aspects of athlete safety.

6 Ways To Improve Safety Of Sports Officials

In the wake of the tragic death of Ricardo Portillo in Utah, a longtime high school sports administrator suggests at least six ways to make sports safer for game officials.

Newspaper Challenge to State High School Association's Internet Broadcast Rights Rejected

Newspapers don't have a First Amendment right to stream Wisconsin high school sports in violation of the state association on-line broadcast agreements, a federal appeals court in Chicago rules.

Title IX, Harassment and Sportsmanship

Title IX comes up in a sports context so often that we tend to forget that Title IX bars sex discrimination in any educational program that receives federal funds.  Sports is not a prerequisite for a Title IX claim; it just seems that way.

Competitive Cheer Does Not Count As Sport under Title IX, Court Rules

In rejecting the argument that competitive cheer at Quinnipiac Univeristy was a sport, a federal court in Connecticut agreed with the federal Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights' (OCR) that its criteria for qualifying as a sport - including having a defined season and spending more time competing than supporting other teams - had not been met.  

Indiana Drops Rule Against Girls Playing Baseball

Blake Ress, the head of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), didn't let his personal bias get in the way when he dropped a rule barring girls from playing baseball that violated Title IX.

Cheerleading A Contact Sport, Court Says

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that cheerleading is a "contact sport."  What does this mean for you and your child?  Have the courts gone mad or are the courts correct?

Who Is Snapping Pictures of Your Child?

Youth sports photography used to be such a simple thing. One or two parents would snap a team photo. If you were lucky, the neighborhood paper would send a photographer and your team would get a little publicity. Now, it seems like every person at a youth sports contest is a photographer. The problem is that sometimes the photographer is posting the photographs on the Internet for non-sports use.

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Forms: Not All Created Equal

A school or team should require preparticipation physical examinations or evaluations (PPE) before allowing a child to practice or play an organized sport. After the sports season is over, a school needs to save the PPE until the child is an adult because children have the right to bring lawsuits as adults for injuries they suffered as children. The problem is that schools and sports programs don't use the same form and sometimes don't save them.

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