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Reflections of a European summer and a season of Races

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Graveyard Call, was the event we flew to France for.  It is an IGSA event (International Gravity Sport Association). This was where we spent our first few jet-lagged days of our 17 day adventure.  Argonay is a small village at the outskirts of Annecy, a lovely holiday destination in the French Alps.  I highly recommend Annecy for a trip alternative to Paris--though we loved Paris.

Here is a look at the race course: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAJLcD4vRM0&feature=related.  Yes the music is important to 'getting' part of the skate culture.  I had fun with the kids (my son and friend and their parents).  What I learned as a fringe insider and an observer is that the culture of longboarding cuts through language, and knows geographical boarder.  When the riders are on, the go for the finish.  When they are out as it was a two person heat, if you didn't finis first in your one heat, that is is.  (There were two days of time trials and lots of freerides prior to the race.)  Riders who are not in the running any longer, hang around the course and cheer on the other competitors! Even when they are bummed that they got knocked out of the running, they are just 'stoked' to see the other riders do well.  I saw seriously impressive examples of support and comradeship, and sportsmanship among these racers (luge, street-luge, downhill stand-up and inline).