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If you son or daughter wants to play college sports, it is important that you and your student athlete understand the recruiting process and that you are doing what is necessary and and off the field to get noticed. An expert in the college recruiting process can help.

A couple of tips:

  • Cast a wide net: Even if there’s one school you are really interested in, don’t just apply there. Recruiting is highly competitive and well-prepared recruits often contact coaches at more than a hundred schools. 

  • Don’t just look at D1 schools: If you get into your top choice – great! If you don’t, you have other options, and you can still play college sports and get money towards your education. 
Did you know 80% of all the opportunities fall outside of D1?
  • Start the process early: I have never met an athlete who started the process too early but I have met athletes who started the recruiting process too late.
  • Get expert help: The recruiting process is very personal and needs to be customized to fit each athlete.  If you need help in the recruiting process, to make sure you are doing everything necessary to achieve your child's dream of playing in college, talk to an expert