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Team Parents (AKA Team Moms, Team Administrators), Coaches and Youth Sports Administrators

Have you recently been asked or volunteered to be a Team Parent? A coach? Join the Board of Directors? If so, do you feel clueless about your responsibilities? Many of us have found ourselves thrust into these important roles wondering what we have gotten ourselves into and are looking for guidance and advice. By the time the season is over, it is usually a different story: by then you have undoubtedly gained a lot of knowledge that you are eager to share.

The Team Parent /Coach/Administrator Channel of YouthSportsParemts will be a place for sharing that information. As you learn new short cuts and tricks and about the pitfalls to avoid, we hope you will share them with other YouthSportsParemts parents, coaches and club or league administrators. This is your community!

How to use this channel: Select the topic of interest from the box on the left. If you do not see an article on the topic you are looking for once on the topics landing page, please e mail us your request or ask the other members of the YouthSportsParemts community of parents and experts by clicking on the Forums tab at the top of the page. Another great place to look for information is in our blog section.

Have you been a Team Parents? Would you like to share what you have learned with other team parents and coaches?

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