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Ice Hockey at Fenway: 2010 U.S. Women's Olympic Hockey Team Practices In Shadow of Green Monster

Brooke de Lench and Angela Ruggiero at Fenway ParkWhen Angela Ruggiero invited me to come watch her practice with the rest of the 2010 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey team at Fenway Park in Boston this morning, I could not resist. It was truly a great way to begin what I know is going to be a very special year for me and the Youth Sports Parents team.

N.F.L. Concussion Message: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Last week Arizona Cardinals wide receiver and Pro Bowl special teams player Sean Morey admitted that he covered up his concussion symptoms so he could play against the Chicago Bears the previous Sunday.

In one sense the news wasn't all that surprising. After all, N.F.L. players play hurt all the time. It's their job. It's part of the gladiator culture of the league and of the game of football.

Concussions: Follow The Leader?

Sports concussions continue to be big news.

As visitors to this site and readers of my countless blogs, articles, and editorials on the subject of concussions already know, however, concussions have been important to me and MomsTeam for a lot longer.

Sports concussions continue to be big news. But, as visitors to this site and readers of my countless blogs, articles,
and editorials on the subject of concussions already know, concussions have been important to me and MomsTeam for a lot longer.

Concussions in the News

Concussions have been in the news a lot lately.

First was the concussion suffered by "Tonight" star, Conan O'Brien, when he slipped and hit the back of his head during a fake triathlon with "Desperate Housewives" star, Teri Hatcher.

According to news reports, O'Brien "saw stars," couldn't stand and had slurred speech. After trying to continue the taping, O'Brien ended up going to the hospital.

Coach Puts Safety First, Forfeits X-Country Meet

The other day I got an e-mail from a sports mom in Nevada with a link to an article about her daughter’s cross-country coach.  Seems he forfeited the team’s first meet of the season against the defending state champion out of concern for the runners’ long-term health had they run over a hilly 2.75-mile course consisting mostly of pavement in 90 degree heat.

Remembering Wyatt Cragan

Many of my readers have asked me where I have been this summer. "What have you been doing? We miss your blogging and articles." In fact, I decided to take a two month respite from writing to focus my attention on the administrative end of the business with the intent to start my writing again after September 1st. Next week I will write more about our  foray into the iPhone app world, and the exciting changes that are in store for MomsTeam; but something has been weighing heavily on my mind all summer and now seems the appropriate time to publish my thoughts as many young people head back to school and start a new sports year.

More About "Family Bye" Days

In my last blog I wrote about how I incorporated "byes" as a family day for members of my soccer team. I always made it my policy that everyone on my team played three-quarters of the games and I alternated the players that played the entire game. I encouraged kids to take "byes" as a family day, so that when I had a fuller roster we could pull off the ¾ policy.

AYSO Convention Puts Spotlight On Player Development, Playing Time

For three days over Memorial Day weekend, it was my honor and sincere pleasure to be the keynote speaker and a guest observer and consultant at the 2009 National Annual General Meeting of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) in Dallas, Texas. The majority of the more than 700 folks in attendance were regional commissioners-the true backbone of the AYSO. The AYSO has long been at the top of my list of best national youth sports organizations. They have the right values, mission statement and an amazing number of dedicated volunteers and staff.

Bullying: An Ongoing Problem In Youth Sports

Recently, I received the following letter from a mother who had attended one of my talks to a group of sports moms.

It is sad, but true, that some kids think that one way to keep moving up the sports pyramid is to eliminate the competition and drive kids to quit, especially if they perceive them as competitive threats, through bullying or teasing. We start off October is National Bullying Prevention Month with a personal story about bullying.

Dealing with the Cost of Sports in the Tough Economy

Last week, I spent an interesting hour as a guest on the "Charlotte Talks" show on Charlotte's National Public Radio station. The show was titled "Youth Sports and The Law."

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