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Multi-sport athletes

My son is a sophomore in high school.  Since a very young age, he has played football, basketball and baseball.  He had a very successful basketball season this year (1st team all league) and is now into baseball where so far, things are going very well (pitcher and can play anywhere else!).  He is also looking forward to football (QB) in the fall.  His goal is to play a sport in college.  His first love is basketball but with his size (6'5" and still growing) and athletic ability, he may also shine in football or baseball the next 2 years.

Many people in our community (including a college-level trainer that he works out with) say that he needs to drop at least one sport after his sophomore year to focus on the sport of his choice.  My son loves all three sports and as of now, he doesn't want to give any of them up!  He is just beginning to fill out his frame and is getting stronger and more athletic by the day.  People around here have high hopes for his athletic career but until he know which sport he wants to pursue after high school, he isn't willing to quit anything.  His dad and I don't want him to have to drop a sport but if it means the difference between a college scholarship or not, that is huge!  

Thoughts on 1,2 or 3 sport athletes in high school?