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AED Programs Need "Champions" to be Successful

Someone who knows AEDs can save lives

AED programs need "champions" to be successful: a parent that has lost a child to sudden cardiac arrest, an employee with a congenital heart. condition, a volunteer fire fighter or EMT who knows first-hand that AEDs save lives, or someone who is just simply passionate about the need for an AED program. A champion is the person a committee needs to convince everyone that they really should get on board. She is the one who keeps on pushing when the odds seem to be stacked against the AED program ever happening.

You may not know who will fill this role before you start, and the champion may not be the chairperson of the committee. She might not be the best at putting together a budget for AEDs, or at evaluating their pros and cons, or even at developing an emergency response plan. But it is her passion about the cause itself that, when all is said and done, will ultimately be responsible for making your AED program a reality.

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