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Starting a Community-Based AED Program: A Checklist

The following is an overview of the steps that are required to start a community-based AED program:

I. Getting Started

  1. Assessing Community Readiness And Needs

  2. Identifying A Champion

  3. Forming A Committee

II. Implementation

  1. Developing A Mission Statement And Statement of Need

  2. Obtaining Medical Direction

  3. Estimating Program Costs

  4. Obtaining Funding

  5. Generating Community Support

    • Promoting media coverage

    • Sending appeal letters

    • Lobbying political leaders

  6. Developing/Integrating AED Policy

  7. Planning Initial/Refresher Training

  8. Selecting and Placing AEDs

III. Running An AED/PAD Program

  1. Maintaining AEDs

  2. Program Evaluation And Quality Assurance

  3. Training/Retraining