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Meet MomsTeam's Heat Safety Expert: Dr. Susan Yeargin

Susan Yeargin, PhD, ATCDr. Yeargin is Assistant Professor in the Athletic Training Department at Indiana State University. An expert on child and adolescent hydration and heat illness, she is the author or co-author of sixteen peer-reviewed journal articles, and has made over 20 professional presentations at the local, national, and international level on thermoregulation and hydration behaviors. Read more.

Basketball player guzzling water bottleHeat safety is just as important in sports safety as any protective equipment. Heat illnesses are among the most dangerous sports injuries, as well as the most preventable.

To find information on a heat safety topic, click on a topic in which you are interested. You will be sent to a list of articles, videos and blogs on that topic. If you are unable to find the heat safety information you are looking for on the topics page, please e mail us your request or pose the question to the MomsTeam community of parents and experts (of which you are an important part) by clicking on the Forums tab at the top of the page, finding a forum in which to ask your question or start a new discussion thread.

Together, we can go a long way towards eliminating heat illnesses in youth sports and keeping our kids properly hydrated and safe from the heat for peak performance.

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