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Youth Sports Concussion Safety Laws: Oklahoma

Oklahoma's youth sports concussion safety statute, signed into law by Governor Brad Henry on May 14, 2010, is modeled on Washington's Zackery Lystedt Law.

The Oklahoma law provides for:

  • Guidelines/education: requires school district boards of education and the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association to develop concussion guidelines and education programs
  • Informed consent to play: requires youth athletes and a parent and/or guardian sign and return a concussion and head injury information sheet on a yearly basis before the athlete's first practice or being allowed to compete;
  • Immediate removal if concussion suspected: Youth athletes suspected of having sustained a concussion in a practice or game must be immediately removed from competition; and
  • Return to play after medical clearance: Youth athletes who have been taken out of a game because of a suspected concussion are not be allowed to return to play until after they have been evaluated by a licensed health care provider with specific training in the evaluation and management of concussions and received written clearance to return to play from that health care provider, who may be a volunteer (note: this provision does not strictly bar same day return to play).

Posted March 13, 2011