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Torn ACL

My 12 year old son has a partially torn ACL from being injured at a Middle School Football game. We have seen 2 orthopedic surgeons. One is well known around the area and treats most professional athletes in our area. The other is a pediatic ortho surgeon. Each has given us a different course of action to take. The pediatic ortho wants to repair the ACL with surgery and the other wants to rehab it and use a speciallized brace until he has finished growing. He still has open growth plates which makes him nervous to perform surgery. However, the pediatric surgeon is very confident that he can repair the ACL without doing damage to the growth plate. Anyone experience something similar that can give me some advice? My son wants to have the surgery along with the required 4-6 months of rehab after so that he can be ready to play football again next year. Also, playing football with the brace is no guarantee that he wouldn't tear the ACL completely or do other damage as well. Any advice will be welcomed! Thanks