Training & Recovery Diet

Recovering from Hard Exercise: How to Refuel

What's best to eat for recovery after a hard workout? Here's how, as the parent of a hungry athlete, you can help them choose an optimal recovery diet.

Sports Health Updates: The Importance of Exercise, Nutrition for Injured Athletes, and Creatine Safety

MomsTeam nutrition expert Nancy Clark reports on the latest research from the ACSM Annual Meeting on the importance of physical exercise, nutrition for the injured athlete, and creatine safety.

Performance Nutrition for Football: The Pre-Season Diet

Pre-season is a time when training is tough and calorie demands are high. It's also an important time to tackle any nutritional habits that can interfere with peak performance during the season, says a leading sports nutritionist.

Sports Drinks Preferred Over Coconut Water Because They Taste Better

Among the research findings presented by exercise scientists, sports dietitians, physicians, and health professionals at the 2010 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Baltimore was that a standard sports drink was preferred by athletes to coconut water to replace fluid lost through sweating because it tastes better.

Youth Soccer Players Need High Calorie Diet

The calories burned during a soccer game, much less a two-day tournament, require soccer players to literally be eating all the time, so parents need to feed youth soccer players a high calorie diet for peak performance.

Extra Salt: Most Youth Athletes Don't Need It

There is a general movement among many soccer players and other athletes to avoid salt. However, this is not always necessary; in fact, if your child or teen is a heavy sweater, or craves salty foods, he may benefit from the extra salt. 

Endurance Sports Nutrition: Frequently Asked Questions

Endurance sports athletes can improve performance by consuming a variety of carbohydrates during exercise and a balance of carbohydrates and protein after sports as part of a training and recovery diet.

Chia: The New Super Food

It seems like every year there is a new “hot” super food.  Last year it was the Acai berry and maybe this year it’ll be Chia seeds.  Yup, you remember the commercial, Ch Ch Ch Chia; the same seeds you smeared on your Chia pet may be the newest health craze.  No, they aren’t purposed to grow new hair, but for a tiny seed Chia has a pretty impressive resume. 

Sports Foods: Expensive Convenience or Necessity?

If all the ads for sports drinks, energy bars, energy drinks, electrolyte replacers, and sports candies are to believed, they are a necessary part of a sports diet, particularly if a child is participating in endurance exercise such as training for a marathon or a triathlon.  While there is a time and a place for engineered sports foods (particularly among kids who train at a high intensity), in most cases sports-active children can get their needs met with a wisely chosen diet.

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