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Sports Nutrition Basics

Nutrition For The Injured Athlete

Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark says injured athletes need to eat intuitively and listen to their body in monitoring their food intake, eat protein-rich foods important for healing, and avoid overeating, but, at the same time, she says, it is not a time to restrict calories the body needs to recover from a sports injury.

Eating On A Timeline

Athletes should space meals out on a timeline approximately every four hours, starting with a bigger breakfast, and avoid an eating "crescendo" in which they consume most of their calories at dinner, says sports nutritionist Nancy Clark.

Sports Nutrition On The Road: Plan Ahead

When an athlete is traveling, they need to plan ahead to meet their nutritional needs, says sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD. She recommends bringing cereal, granola bars, trail mix and even peanut butter sandwiches to avoid the hunger that can lead to poor nutritional choices on the road.

Some Fat Needed In Athlete's Diet

Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, says that, because fat is needed to absorb certain vitamins, athletes, particularly in endurance sports, should include some "healthy fat" (e.g. almonds, peanut butter, olive oil) in their diet.

Sports Nutrition News from the ACSM 2011 Annual Meeting

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is the world's largest organization of sports medicine and exercise science professionals. At ACSM's 2011 annual meeting in Denver, over 6,000 exercise scientists, sports dietitians, physicians and other health professionals gathered to share their research. Here are a few of the nutrition highlights.

MyPlate Replaces MyPyramid To Promote Healthier Eating

The USDA's MyPlate has replaced its outdated and much-maligned Food Pyramid. The colorful quarters of the plate - green for vegetables, red for fruits, orange for grains, and purple for protein - are aimed at nudging Americans away from meals dominated by meat and starch and towards meals made up mostly of plant-based foods.

Kids' Nutrition and Health Survey Finds Most Want Healthier Food

Patty James, certified natural chef, holistic nutritionist, and author of More Vegetables, Please!, and her non-profit, DirectionFive.org, traveled to 41 states  to conduct videotape interviews of kids from all walks of life.   Our kids' take on health, nutrition, and exercise may surprise you.

Help Cure Your Child’s Food Addiction By Overcoming Yours

How do you as a parent help your child overcome an addiction to unhealthy food? By overcoming your own addiction first. Most children who are addicted to unhealthy food are getting that food in the home. Children also engage in behavior modeled after their parents. If you want your child to stop eating unhealthy food, you need to lead by example.

Healthy Living: Time to Listen To Our Kids

Kids are often times more intuitive than adults, and what they think is best for them in terms of health, nutrition and exercise often times is. It's time we truly listened to what they have to say, says certified natural chef, holistic nutrition expert and founder of DirectionFive.org, Patty James.


Eggs More Incredible than Ever

With school and fall sports in full swing, now is an important time for your family to eat a high-quality protein breakfast, like eggs. Here are 3 quick and easy breakfast recipes.
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