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Physical Therapy for an Injured Athlete: Pain To Pressure, Not Pain and Torture

Part of the reason athletes often think of PT as standing for "pain and torture" is because physical therapists employ a technique called "pressure to pain" to help them figure out how healing is progressing.  

No Pain, No Gain: A Bad Approach For Athletes

Athletes should work hard, but taking a no pain, no gain approach can turn a small problem into a big one, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis, because pain is the body's first line of defense against injury and a red flag that something is wrong which should not be ignored.

Many Doctors Allow Youth Athletes To Return To Play In Pain, Study Finds

Nearly half of Canadian doctors and physical therapists surveyed were willing to return a child to sport even if they were experiencing more than minimal pain, a new study finds.

Overuse Injuries: Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of overuse injury should not be ignored as "growing pains" but should be taken seriously by the athlete, parent, and coach, says a 2011 position statement on overuse injuries issued by the National Athletic Trainers' Association.
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