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Batting Practice Pitcher: Most Dangerous Position

What is the most dangerous position in baseball? Is it the catcher? No. Third base? Guess again. A pitcher in the aluminum bat world? Close! Actually, the most severe accidents in indoor/outdoor baseball facilities are to the face and upper torso of adults and players pitching batting practice behind so-called "L" screens.

Should Sports be 'Dumbed Down?'

The idea of “dumbed down” sports is a scary concept for some. It can be hard for many adults, especially coaches, to accept. The mere idea of doing so can bring their coaching into question and evoke feelings of hesitation, resistance and fear. Many are often quick to admit, “My dad never ‘dumbed down’ sports for me, and I turned out fine.” However, watch a seasoned coach try to teach a young child without “dumbing down” sports, and they fail miserably. Still, purists claim “dumbed down” sports coaching is anything but natural.

Indiana Drops Rule Against Girls Playing Baseball

Blake Ress, the head of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), didn't let his personal bias get in the way when he dropped a rule barring girls from playing baseball that violated Title IX.

Overuse Injury: Early Recognition and Treatment Allows Quick Return to Play

Early recognition and treatment of common overuse injuries to growth plates is key to the safe return to play of young athletes says a new study.

Don’t Let Injuries Keep your Child in the Dugout

To paraphrase Lord Tennyson, in the spring, a young person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…baseball. For generations, baseball has been an American tradition, and also a great way for kids to get some exercise along with their first taste of competitive sports. However, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) urges safety on the field to keep ballplayers injury-free.

Obstruction to Bases Prohibited in 2008 Baseball Rules

Beginning with the 2008 high school baseball season, fielders without possession of the ball will not be allowed to deny access to the base that a runner is attempting to achieve.

Revisions Made to Four Baseball Rules

A revision was made to Rule 6-2-3 regarding infractions by a pitcher. The rule states it is illegal for a pitcher to intentionally pitch close to a batter, replacing the prior phrasing of to "throw" close to a batter. The change was necessary for clarification and in order to be consistent with other pitching rules.

Picking Right Travel Baseball Team Involves Many Factors

With the spring baseball season coming to a close, chances are, if you are a baseball parent, that you are thinking about signing up your child to play all-star, tournament or travel baseball (a/k/a "travel ball") this summer.  Picking the right travel baseball team for your child involves considering many factors, says MomsTeam baseball expert, John Pinkman.

"Stepwise" Return to Play Recommended For Athletes Sidelined By Concussion For Several Weeks Or Longer

If an athlete has been sidelined by a concussion for several weeks or longer, Dr. Robert Cantu recommends that he follow a "stepwise" approach to return to play.
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