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Potter Baseball Tour Celebrates Values of Bygone Era

In his book, "Whatever Happened to Baseball?" Jeff Potter wrote about how the game of baseball had changed in the last 30-40 years.  In the summer of 2010, Potter took a team of youth baseball players on a month-long baseball odyssey to celebrate values from baseball's past: teamwork, discipline, work ethic, and passion for the game.

Should Sports be 'Dumbed Down?'

The idea of “dumbed down” sports is a scary concept for some. It can be hard for many adults, especially coaches, to accept. The mere idea of doing so can bring their coaching into question and evoke feelings of hesitation, resistance and fear. Many are often quick to admit, “My dad never ‘dumbed down’ sports for me, and I turned out fine.” However, watch a seasoned coach try to teach a young child without “dumbing down” sports, and they fail miserably. Still, purists claim “dumbed down” sports coaching is anything but natural.

It Ain't Over Until....Oh, It's Over

We thought the season was over. We all kind of had a little let down. There was the team picnic at the end of the year. Talk of spending the rest of summer lounging and relaxing took over the conversation. The kids on our team, 11 year olds, began to talk about water parks, bikes, Wii, and other ways to spend their time. Parents talked about getting away for a few days of baseball tournament-free time with the family. The end had come, we had a great season, and we were done.

What Are The Different Positions in Baseball?

A baseball team puts nine players on the field on defense: a pitcher, catcher, four infielders, and three outfielders.

Baseball, The Field

A regulation diamond has the following dimensions:
Batting Box: These are two squares on each side of home plate from which the player must stand to hit the ball. The pitcher may not throw the ball until the player is ready in the batting box.

The Rules of Baseball

Regardless of the age of your team, they will all play on a baseball diamond, which will be sized proportionally for the age of your team.

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