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  • Nutrition plays an important role in recovery from a sports injury. No change in diet is necessary when a quick recovery is expected. A long-term injury will likely require a reduced diet with a focus on maintaining protein intake and eating nutrient-dense foods.

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Do you know a lacrosse coach in your community you think would be an ideal candidate to be MomsTeam's lacrosse expert? Send his or her name to info@momsteam.com

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US Lacrosse was founded in 1998 as the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. A number of formerly independent national organizations, including the Lacrosse Foundation, the U.S. Women's Lacrosse Association, National Junior Lacrosse Association, U.S. Lacrosse Officials Association, U.S. Lacrosse Coaches Association, and U.S. Club Lacrosse Association merged together to form one organization.

Equipment: Lacrosse

Because boys' and girls' lacrosse are different - the major difference being that hitting and checking are allowed for boys and not for girls - they use different equipment.

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Pronunciation: \l?-?kro?s\

: a goal based game in which players use a long-handled stick that has a triangular head with a mesh pouch for catching, carrying, and throwing the ball.

Boy's and girl's lacrosse are fast-paced, exciting games that have seen explosive growth in popularity in recent years. Once played in just a few areas of the country (upstate New York, Long Island, Mid-Atlantic states), lacrosse programs are now sprouting up in communities, schools and colleges all across the country.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive information on lacrosse: advice on the equipment needed and how to buy it, a primer on the rules of the sport, and videos and advice from experts, parents, and manufacturers of lacrosse gear.

But to do that, we are going to need your help. If you are parent of a child who plays or has played lacrosse, we hope you will share what you have learned with other MomsTeam parents. Please consider writing a blog, contributing an article, posting on and/or hosting a Forum, or becoming our lacrosse expert. If you know of someone who used to play or coach lacrosse who has knowledge to share, ask him or her to join. Together we can make MomsTeam a true community of sports parents!

-Brooke de Lench - MomsTeam Founder

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