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Packing for Sports Camp: Tips to Make Sure Your Child is Prepared

Making sure you pack everything your child will need sports camp this summer can be a challenge.

Luckily, there are some tried-and-true items that you can send to camp with your children to ensure they are prepared for almost anything.   In addition to packing all the sports equipment your child will need, here's a head-to-toe summer camp packing list:

  • Headgear - This includes items like scarves, bandannas, baseball caps, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and swimming goggles.
  • Clothing - T-shirts/tank tops, shorts, long pants, a jacket, a swim suit, pajamas and robe, and of course, underwear should be included.
  • Footwear - Consider items such as boots, tennis shoes, sandals, dress shoes, and socks.

Young girls at archery rangeAlso consider what to pack in these areas:

  • Bed and Bath: towels, as well as a blanket, pillow, pillow cases, sheets, sleeping bag, laundry bag, and mattress pad.
  • Bathroom Kit: a brush and comb, shampoo, soap and soap container, toothbrush and holder, toothpaste, deodorant, insect repellent, feminine products, sun screen/sun block, shaving gear, and lip balm with sun block in it.
  • Other items: books and magazines, flashlights and batteries, frisbees or other toys, a water bottle, and writing materials. When considering electronics, musical instruments, and other special gear, check with the camp about policies.

Decisions about camp, including what to pack, should be made together as a family. When children participate in the decision-making process, their likelihood of enjoying a positive experience is improved.

For a more complete list of items to pack, or for expert advice on what to pack or preparing for camp, click here.

Source: American Camp Association

Current as of June 25, 2015


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