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Parent-Coach Relationship

Thanking Your Child's Coach

Good coaches appreciate being thanked at the end of the season if they have done a good job.

Complaining About A Coach To Age, Club, League or Athletic Director

There are certain situations when complaining about a youth sports coach by going over his head is necessary. When a parent has already talked to the coach about the problem without success or where the coach has acted in a way that is so egregious that it needs to be brought to the attention of higher authorities, it's time to go speak to an age, club, league or athletic director.

Twenty-One Questions To Ask At Pre-Season Meeting

A good pre-season meeting provides a forum for parents to have their questions and concerns answered. Here are twenty-one questions parents should consider asking.

Pre-Season Meeting Open Lines of Communication Between Parents and Coaches

The most successful sports seasons are the ones that begin with a pre-season meeting of coaches, team moms, parents and players. A preseason meeting sets a positive tone for the season by opening the lines of communication early so everyone is on the same page and understands and agrees on what they expect from one another.

Equal Playing Time: Should It Be the Rule, Not the Exception?

One of the players seemed to get special consideration. Ricky was a strong, natural athlete: big, fast and tall. Yet, despite the fact that he had never played travel soccer, missed all but two of the team's sixteen weekday practices!! due to other sport team commitments, he never came out of the game! Ever!

Signs Of A Well-Run Youth Sports Practice

It doesn't matter what sport your child plays, his practices should be fun, instructive, and inclusive. Here are the tell-tale signs of a well-run practice...

How to Talk To A Coach

Few of us have a clear idea of how to approach a tense situation in the coach-parent relationship to get the best results. Here are some not-so-obvious techniques that will help get your message across and get the coach working with you to find a solution.

The Team Charter - Blueprint for a Hassle-Free Season

Picture this: the exhilaration of a new season; spotless uniforms, equipment just out of the box, clipboards jammed with fresh paper...boundless enthusiasm and cooperation. It's the euphoric honeymoon phase of youth sports...

Setting Boundaries Preventing Abuse And Harassment: At A Pre-Season Meeting

The benefits of setting boundaries - physical, social, and sexual - at the pre-season meeting are numerous, say experts.

Pre-Season Youth Sports Meeting: Essential Topics and Questions to Ask

There are twenty-one topics that should be covered at the pre-season meeting of coaches, parents, and players.  If they are not, here are some suggested questions for parents to ask.

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