Title IX Came Too Late for MomsTeam Founder, De Lench

There are so many more opportunities for girls to play sports as a result of Title IX, which weren't available when Brooke de Lench was in high school.

Politics: Constant Concern for Sports Parents

Brooke de Lench says politics in youth and school sports are always
going to be with us, and were one of the reasons she started MomsTeam.

Can School Sports Survive the Bad Economy?

When an elite private school like California's Montclair Prep drops athletics, you know the economy is bad.  Is the athletic program at your child's school next to fall to the budget ax?

Title IX, Harassment and Sportsmanship

Title IX comes up in a sports context so often that we tend to forget that Title IX bars sex discrimination in any educational program that receives federal funds.  Sports is not a prerequisite for a Title IX claim; it just seems that way.

Moms in Youth Sports: Keeping Children Safe

While much has changed in youth sports over the past fifty years, what has not changed is the hardwired instinct of mothers to want to nurture and protect their children from harm.

Competitive Cheer Does Not Count As Sport under Title IX, Court Rules

In rejecting the argument that competitive cheer at Quinnipiac Univeristy was a sport, a federal court in Connecticut agreed with the federal Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights' (OCR) that its criteria for qualifying as a sport - including having a defined season and spending more time competing than supporting other teams - had not been met.  

High School Congratulated For Hiring Woman as Head Football Coach

"I can do it," she said. "I'm qualified. I played the game. I know the kids. I love the kids."

Those were the words Natalie Randolph spoke as she was introduced as Coolidge High School football coach this weekend in Washington, D.C.

While not the first female to coach high school level football, Randolph deserves to be congratulated for tossing her name in the hat this past January when the school was looking for a football coach.

Hypercompetitive Youth Sports: Explained by Gender Differences?

Today's hypercompetitive, highly structured world of youth sports may be explained by evolutionary biology and hormones.

Youth Sports Politics: Adults Feud, Children Suffer

An article in the Boston Globe, last year,  titled  "Taking the ‘little' out of Little League" reminds us not only about what is wrong in today's youth sports, but how needed reform can occur. 

I wrote this blog in 2010 but the issue continues to come up, questions are asked and think this may help. 

Accounting and Financial Disclosure in Youth Sports: Questions from Parents

Fully disclosing the finances of a youth sports organization is the sign of a well-run club, but unfortunately, parents have more questions than they are provided answers.
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