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A Youth Coach's Secret Weapon: Video


Teaching technique, engaging parents, celebrating achievement, and fundraising; a youth coach's to-do list never ends. Luckily, there's a secret weapon. Capturing video of games and practices can actually help you with all of these things. Here's how:

  • Teaching Technique.  Don't just tell them, show them.  Seeing is believing for young players, and video is the perfect way to help them master essential techniques. Using video from games and practices to reinforce coaching points helps young players comprehend and retain what's important. That way, when they hit the field, they'll be prepared, confident and ready to execute.
  • Engaging Parents. Parents want to be a part of the team, but unless they're able to join your staff, it can be hard to keep them engaged. By having your players review film at home, parents can learn alongside their athlete and feel more involved. With Hudl, they'll see your notes and comments attached to the videos and become a key part of the process.  
  • Celebrate Achievement.  Highlight the victories. Every player succeeds in their own way during the season. Capturing those moments as highlights can help players feel great about their in-season achievements. And with all of those highlights already created during the season, putting together your end-of-year banquet video will only take a few clicks. Everyone wins. 
  • Fundraising.  Big plays drive donations.  Sharing highlights and game film is a great way to encourage fans and potential donors to support your league. There's nothing like showing how your team's hard work and dedication pay off on the field to get fans excited about giving. And with Hudl, you can use your highlights to create a customized fundraising campaign, and still keep 96% of what you earn from your community, family and fans.  

A Hudl Club & Youth account is built to help youth coaches with all of the above. Visit www.hudl.com/youth to learn more.

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Posted August 24, 2015