Women As Coaches

Becoming A Youth Sports Coach: Advice For Women

Most of those who coach youth sports are men. If you are a woman, particularly a mom, here's what you need to do if you want to become a coach.

Why Do Women Make Great Youth Sports Coaches?

The absence of woman coaches in youth sports has been termed one of the most backward traditions in sports today. Far from being ill-equipped to be good youth sports coaches, women actually have natural advantages when it comes to coaching at that level and make excellent youth sports coaches.

A Mother's Touch: Coaching a Boys' Soccer Team

Of the estimated 4.1 million youth sports coaches in the United States, only an estimated 650,000 are women. Even women who take th time to get their coaching licenses and want to coach are sometimes denied coaching positions. Find out what happens when a mom ends up coaching a team of sixth- and seventh-grade boys who are used to being coached by men.

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