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Preventing Head Injuries in Football: No Tackling With Crown Of Helmet!

In the four years I have been sharing my expertise on how to prevent helmet-crown related injuries in football, there has been an increase of concussion awareness here on MomsTeam and all over the country.   But such steps as baseline concussion testing are meaningless if the cause of the initial concussion is not addressed, because the player will suffer a more severe concussion without identifying the cause.

The way to prevent concussions and serious head and spinal injuries in football is for parents to make sure that coaches are trained on how to teach players to avoid tackling with the crown of their helmets.

"Wide-Eye'd Blind": A Must-See Football Video

If you are an athletic director, football coach, game official or parent concerned about reducing the number of concussions and catastrophic head, neck and spinal injuries in the sport and have 25 minutes to spare, my non-profit, Train 'Em Up Academy, has produced an enlightening, empowering and powerful video, called "Wide-Eye'd Blind."

Why do I call it that? Because as a nation, we are literally standing by, with our eyes wide open but blind to the fact that our greatest resource, our young people, are suffering needless injury in the name of sport.  

Coach Bobby Hosea's GTS-Science: Advancing the Science of Tackling Safety & Performance

CROWN first impact while in the act of making a tackle is the PRIMARY cause of all catastrophic injuries on every level of football competition.  Remove the CROWN from the collision and eliminate avoidable injuries.

In 1997, my 12-year-old son Steven (my only son) told me that he was ready to play tackle football.  In that moment, I experienced several emotions.  The first was one of pride: my little man finally wanted to be like his Dad and play football.  I had shown him and his older sister, Ranae, my old tapes on the VCR since they were babies. 

The other emotion was one of fear.  A fear of seeing my little man not getting off of the ground due to a catastrophic injury to his head, neck or spine.

Helmet-Free Tackle Safety & Performance Certified in 2012

"Brain, Neck & Spinal Cord injuries that result from initiating contact with the CROWN of the helmet while in the act of making a tackle, are NOT freak accidents, they are the direct result of a lack of proper supervision on the part of the coaches.  These injuries are taught into the game, they can be taught out of the game!"

Hello everybody, Coach Bobby Hosea here.  I hope everyone that participated in Tackle Football last year did so without any serious injuries of any kind let alone concussions.

Advancing the science of tackling safety & performance since 1997.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Football Related Concussions.

Hello Everyone, Coach Bobby Hosea here.  Now that football season is upon us, there are some very important facts about football related concussions all participants should know.

Parents, if you have a child playing tackle football on any level of football competition and they are complaining of headaches, nausea, dizziness or seeing flashes of light when they collide with other players, these are not "normal" parts of the game, they are signs and symptoms of football related concussions.

Up to Moms to Protect Kids From Serious Head Injuries in Football

Hello Everyone, Coach Bobby Hosea here to share some important information with you.

First, I want to congratulate Brooke and her team for re-establishing the name MomsTeam. I can only guess somebody suggested in order to be politically correct that Dads needed to be represented with the former "Parents" something or other name.  The fact of the matter when it comes to children, Moms care more. Dads do care but, Moms care more about the safety and well-being  of their children, especially when it comes to tackle football.

Football: Injury Preventive Tackling Safety Education and Training

According to the Concussion Institute, tackle football players suffered more than 3,800,000 brain injuries in 2007. 

I therefore have three important questions for parents of youth & high school football players

  1. Do you know the main reasons there continues to be so many brain injuries in tackle football each year?

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