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Up to Moms to Protect Kids From Serious Head Injuries in Football

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Hello Everyone, Coach Bobby Hosea here to share some important information with you.

First, I want to congratulate Brooke and her team for re-establishing the name MomsTeam. I can only guess somebody suggested in order to be politically correct that Dads needed to be represented with the former "Parents" something or other name.  The fact of the matter when it comes to children, Moms care more. Dads do care but, Moms care more about the safety and well-being  of their children, especially when it comes to tackle football.

I have been coaching football since 1982.  I have been coaching Youth and High School football since 1991.  I have seen my share of reckless behavior on the part of coaches when it comes to injuries in tackle football.  When I decided in 2002 to share my Injury Preventive Tackle Training System with the rest of the football-playing world, I thought that I would be welcomed with open arms by every Parent, Coach and Athletic Director because I had the formula for ending catastrophic brain, neck and spinal cord injuries that result from players slamming their head into other players to block, tackle or run them over.  

Well, to my surprise. that has not been the case.  I recently spoke at an All-Sports Coaches Clinic in Irvine CA.  My topic was "Lowering the Risks of Severe Head Injuries in Tackle Football." There were 125 chairs in the room but only 3 coaches sat in to listen to what I had to say. The problem are the Coaches, Athletic Directors, Board Presidents and apathetic parents. There is a serious lack of leadership at the top of the football-playing community throughout this country.  For the most part, when it comes to this subject, I have been a lone wolf howling in the wilderness.  Everybody is now aware of the serious threat head injuries pose to Youth and High School age players.  With all the news reports about former NFL player's difficulties with their deteriorating mental and physical capacities, the many reports of football-related tragedies all across the nation each season, you would suppose all Youth, High School and College programs would be knocking on my door looking to lessen the danger posed to their athletes. It has not been the case.

Moms: it is clearly up to you to force changes in the way football programs treat your children.  Please visit my new website at www.TrainEmUpAcademy.org (click CAMPS and CLINICS) to see for yourself how players and coaches alike will learn how to identify and avoid the physical mechanisms that lead to head first impact when attempting to make a tackle.  Also see the  TAKE-A-L.A.P. (Learn-Avoid-Prevent) Injury Preventive Fundraiser I created to get the knowledge, training and equipment into the hands of your child's football program.  If your child's league is not pursuing tackling safety certification of their coaches and players, don't allow your child to play football with that association.  Sit this and every year out until the leagues begin to care as much about your child's health and well-being as you do.  If the number of brain injuries have not prompted them do their due diligence in seeking ways to better protect your child, maybe the number of dollars they don't collect from sign up fees will.  

Until that time comes, I say play chess everyone!