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Tonight, my son Wolf gasped--a happy and surprised sort of sound, from the couch across from me as he checked his email. He closed the lid and bolted to the phone. I didn't listen--very much. I heard a lot of thank yous.
Then he dance, skipped, twirled into the living room. "That was the best phone call in my whole life." His eyes, his face, his 'I just scored big time' arm crunch. 'That was Landy and they have a new board for me, and I don't have to pay for it and they want me to come into the shop to talk about putting me up on the factory team page.'

Off to the Races

The Longboard race season is in full swing. As a mother to an extremely fast downhill longboarder, it is a season of excitement and worry. Racing has been something that I have been watching via Youtube. But now, I am packing my bags and heading to my first sanctioned gravity sport event, The Attack of Danger Bay in Pender Harbour, BC, Canada.

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