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Concussion Safety Laws in Place In Every State

Forty-nine states have enacted a so-called Zackery Lystedt concussion safety law since May 2009.  Wyoming has enacted a weak concussion safety law, and the high school athletic association in Arkansas has rules that mirror the concussion laws of other states..

Champion of Concussion Safety in California Legislature Caught In Shoplifting Scandal

California Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi is known best for her sponsorship of the state's youth sports concussion safety laws, but her voice in the legislature may be silenced by a shoplifting scandal.

Youth Sports Concussion Safety Laws: California

In 2011, California enacted a strong youth sports concussion safety law, which was strengthened in 2012 to add training on concussions to the first aid certification required of high school coaches.

State High School Athletic Associations Act on Concussion Safety

In addition to the twenty-five states that have passed youth sports concussion safety laws, new concussion safety rules have been enacted both by the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) and by individual state high school athletic associations in a number of states, including California, Delaware, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey and Tennessee.

NFHS Tightens Concussion Rules

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) is implementing a new concussion rule for the 2010-11 academic year which not only requires immediate removal of any athlete suspected of having suffered a concussion but bans his return until cleared to play by an appropriate health-care professional. This rule also covers youth leagues that play under high school rules or modified high school rules, but does not apply in those states where even stricter concussion laws have been recently passed.

Metal Bat Ban Urged by California Lawmaker

Yesterday I wrote about the controversy surrounding the use of metal bats and the debate over whether they are safe, particularly in youth baseball.

It now appears that bans against the use of metal bats at the high school level in California are gaining momentum. 

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