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Oversight of AED Program by Medical Director/Physician Essential

Prescription for AED usually required

  • Ongoing Program Oversight And Guidance

    • Provides medical advice along with EMS and 911 dispatchers;

    • Ensures that the AEDs are properly maintained and used;

    • Engages in ongoing education and training;

    • Reviews response data after an SCA event (e.g., ECG rhythm, responder and AED actions, unit performance) to identify system flaws, evaluate knowledge and skills of lay rescuers, and provide feedback;

    • Works with program coordinator to improve emergency response preparedness and program effectiveness; and

    • Consults on specific medical issues on an as-needed.

  • Agreement Recommended

    To avoid any misunderstandings and to minimize the risk of legal liability, the relationship between the AED program and medical director should be memorialized in a written agreement covering:

    • Specific responsibilities: The agreement should contain a job description clearly defining the medical director's duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority in accordance with your state's laws and regulations. Doing so also has helps reduce the medical director's potential legal liability.

    • Legal liability: In some instances, legal liability for the actions of the medical director can be contractually assumed by the program. Alternatively, the medical director should consult her insurance carrier to see if her existing policy provides coverage for her new responsibilities, or such coverage can be purchased for an additional premium.

    • Compensation: Whether the medical director will be a volunteer or will be paid will depend on several factors such as:

      • Size of the community

      • Number of SCA cases, and

      • Whether the program is operated by a for-profit or not-for-profit organization.

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