First Aid

Road Rash: Cycling Fact of Life

A common saying in the cycling world is "It's not if you're going to crash, but when." Crashing is just part of cycling. Experience, skill and some luck can certainly help cyclists avoid crashes, but at some point, if you're riding your bike, you're going to crash. And when you do you are going to get road rash, abrasions from falling off your bike and making contact with the pavement or some other surface.

First-Aid Kit in Car, Medicine Cabinet Recommended

A first aid kit in the car and medicine cabinet are musts for parents with children playing sports.

Roadrash treatment home tested!

Yikes!  Here is the results if not following my newly learned road rash treatment.  It is my son's slow healing crusty knee.  I vowed to not let this happen again.  But, as he is fifteen, and not certain of my wisdom in these matters, I am not so sure that he will be thrilled with my intervention.  He prefers to take care of these things himself.  

First Aid for Lightning Victims

In the event lightning strikes a player, fan, or official at a sports contest, giving immediate first-aid is essential.

First-Aid: Many Youth Coaches Lack Training

There is a general lack of first aid, injury recognition and management knowledge among high
school and youth coaches, with some youth sports programs lacking even a basic emergency
medical plan.

What Should A Sports First Aid Kit Contain?

No youth sports team or competition should be without a first aid kit designed to treat the most common injuries and illnesses that might be encountered.

Are Instant Cold Or Gel Packs As Good As Ice?

Instant or chemical cold or gel packs are among the items that most experts say should be included in a well-stocked first aid kit. But, while instant cold or gel packs are easy to store and are more convenient than ice, experts say that they may damage the skin because of the cold temperatures they reach.

P.R.I.C.E. Is Right First Aid For Muscle and Joint Sports Injuries

The first four steps of first aid for sports injuries to joints such (elbow, ankle, knee, finger, wrist sprains) are known by the acronym "RICE," which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

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