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Five Fast Tips to Help Your Athlete Strike Out the Flu

We value our children's participation in team sports for many reasons, including the camaraderie it breeds. Unfortunately, this time of year camaraderie can breed colds and flu, too. And it's tough to be a valuable teammate when you're sick. Here are five fast tips to help keep your superstar in the game and off the sidelines by keeping the flu at bay.

Many Cheerleading Injuries Preventable, Pediatric Group Says

The increased popularity of cheerleading as a competitive, year-round sport involving complex acrobatic stunts has been accompanied by a steady increase in the number and severity of injuries, many of which could be prevented by taking simple safety precautions, says the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Neuromuscular Training Program in Mid-Teens Most Effective In Reducing Female ACL Injury Risk, Study Finds

Pre- or early adolescence appears to be the best time to start a neuromuscular training program in order to reduce the number of injuries female athletes suffer to their anterior cruciate ligaments, says a new study.

Joint Hypermobility: An Exercise Program Can Help

The most important thing a young athlete can do to combat knee hypermobility is to follow an appropriate strength training program, especially one designed to protect the ACL.

Balance Training Can Help Reduce Soccer Injury Risk And Improve Skills

From ball-handling skills to landing softly on one leg as a way of reducing the risk of an ACL tear, balance training is something every young soccer player should include in their workout programs.

Keeping Children Safe On July 4th: Stay Away From Fireworks!

Fireworks are a traditional part of Independence Day celebrations, but they can also be dangerous. Sadly, children and teens are too often hurt by fireworks. So, before the celebration begins, here are some EyeSmart fireworks safety tips from the Massachusetts Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

Making Youth Sports Safer Is Goal of New Partnership

The National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute (NYSHSI) and The Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention (Datalys Center) are joining forces to create a better environment for youth sports by furthering relevant research.

Tick Battle Continues: 5 Key Ways to Help Avoid Disease this Summer

This summer is expected to bring epic risks for Lyme disease transmission. Here are 5 key ways to keep yourself and family protected throughout the tick-infested summer months.

Preventing Overuse Injuries, Overtraining, and Burnout: 9 Ways Parents Can Help

Overuse injuries and burnout continue to be a major problem in youth sports.  Multiple injuries among some young athletes highlight the need for rest to prevent overuse injuries, overtraining, and burnout in young athletes. Here are 9 ways experts say parents can help.
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