Injury Prevention

Twelve Youth Sports Injury Prevention Tips

The National Center for Catastrophic Injury Research recommends twelve steps for reducing the number of injuries in youth sports.

Taking Time Off From Sports Important For Kids, Not Just the Pros

Playing sports and staying fit are important but so, too, is rest. Pro leagues have an off season not to give their players a vacation but because athlete's playing hard need to give their bodies a break. Young athletes are not getting this very important break and the impact on their growing bodies is causing serious harm, physically and emotionally.

Diving Off Diving Boards Is Dangerous For Kids

Recreational and competitive diving are becoming increasingly popular. A new study warns that diving is actually more dangerous than once thought and in ways not previously appreciated.

Well-Designed Resistance Training Program Can Help Youth Athletes Avoid Injuries, Obesity and Diabetes

When part of an appropriately designed exercise and nutrition program, resistance training can help battle two of the growing youth health epidemics: obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, a well designed resistance training program may help in preventing sport- and recreation-related injuries among youth athletes.

Health and Safety Tips for Your Family's Summer Vacation

Summer brings warm sunny days and opportunities galore for outdoor activities. But bee stings, sunburn, boating accidents and an increased risk of food poisoning can all subtract from the fun. To help keep such threats at bay, physicians and scientists associated with the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) have updated their list of Health and Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation.

Part 2: Preventing Youth Sport Injuries

Here again are the four areas of conditioning/training for injury prevention that I feel are often neglected by many youth sports programs.

Functional Sports-Specific Training

Part 1: Preventing Youth Sport Injuries

In my article The Rise in Youth Sports Injuries, I discussed how prevalent youth sports injuries have become and listed several articles as reference. In this post, I would like to offer some basic principles of injury prevention by directing you toward articles that detail important pieces of this information. Additionally, in Part 2, I will take this a step further by encouraging conditioning/training in four other areas that are often neglected. The time spent will be well worth the effort.

The Rise in Youth Sports Injuries

In my article, Specializing in Youth Sports, Good or Bad, I touched on the current increase in injuries to young competitors playing sports. Just the fact that the sheer number of young athletes participating has gone up over the last several decades, would automatically cause an upswing in the number of young sports enthusiasts having to seek medical attention. There is just an inherent physical risk in competitive sports that cannot be denied.

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