Injury Treatment

Concussion Recovery: Craniosacral Therapy and Feldenkrais Method May Help

Craniosacral therapy and the Feldenkrais Method can help concussion recovery, says Edward Feldman, D.C., RCST.

Physical Therapy for the Injured Athlete: Restoring Range of Motion Critical

Restoring full range of motion to a joint should be achieved early in physical therapy as playing sports with restricted range of motion increases injury risk and negatively effects athletic performance.

Physical Therapy for The Injured Athlete: Each Session Has Five Parts

Every physical therapy sessiont can be broken down into five basic parts: subjective, objective, treatments, assessment, and plan

Role of Athletic Trainer Explained

Eric Laudano, head athletic trainer at the University of Pennsylvania, explains the role of an athletic trainer in preventing and treating sports injuries.

For Sports Injuries Consider An A.R.T. Provider or Chiropractor

William H. Caddoo, DC suggests that parents looking for someone to treat their child's soft tissue sports injury consider a doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, or even athletic trainer certified in Active Release Techniques® (A.R.T.®), and, that if they are looking for a doctor of chiropractic, they ask their child's pediatrician or friends for a recommendation.

Physical Therapy Starts With Good History and Thorough Physical Exam

Physical therapist Patricia Ladis takes a holistic approach to injury treatment which starts at the first visit with the taking of a good history and a thorough physical exam, not only to test for swelling, strength and range of motion, but to determine whether other parts of the body were injured. 

PT for Sports Injury Poses Challenges For Athletes and Parents Alike

Physical therapist Patricia Ladis says that it is important for athletes to make time for PT appointments and to follow the home exercise regimen in order to achieve maximum benefit, but at the same time advises athletes and their parents not to push too hard to return to play after a sports injury, which can set back the recovery process.

Physical Therapy: More than Just Treating Injuries

Physical therapy is far more than about treating injuries. The real trick is preventing an injury from happening again. Here are some things that you might not know about physical therapy.

Many Doctors Allow Youth Athletes To Return To Play In Pain, Study Finds

Nearly half of Canadian doctors and physical therapists surveyed were willing to return a child to sport even if they were experiencing more than minimal pain, a new study finds.
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