Injury Treatment

Player Injuries and Safety: Game Officials Need to Manage Both

Game officials have well-defined responsibilities for player safety once the contest starts, but rules regarding when to stop play to remove an injured player are less clear.

Physical Therapy for Injured Athletes: Advice for Parents

Unless your child has been to physical therapy for an injury before, you may not know what to think or expect as a parent. Here's some advice for parents from a physical therapist to make the rehabilitation process as smooth as possible and keep what's important in perspective.

No Pain, No Gain: Bad Advice for Athletes

The phrase "No pain, no gain" has been around forever, it seems.  There is only one problem: it is bad advice! If your child experiencing pain in daily activities, take him to a doctor, don't let him play or practice in pain.

Overuse Injury: Early Recognition and Treatment Allows Quick Return to Play

Early recognition and treatment of common overuse injuries to growth plates is key to the safe return to play of young athletes says a new study.

Return To Sports: Psychological Readiness Just Important As Physical

An athlete not only needs to be physically ready before he returns to the playing field, he also needs to be psychologically ready. If he returns too soon, he risks re-injury, injury to a different part of the body, depression, and decreased performance. A new test helps determine psychological readiness.

Sports Injuries: Telling Parents The Truth

The culture of youth sports can cloud a parent's judgment to the point that she doesn't want to hear the truth about the seriousness of an injury to their child.

Sports Massage

Rehabilitation is the process of using exercise, manual therapy (massage and manipulation), and therapeutic devices, such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation, to help an injured athlete heal so they can return to sports. It is usually supervised by physical therapists, who recommend a set of exercises for the athlete to do at home to speed the recovery process by restoring range of motion, muscle strength, and aerobic fitness after an injury.

Physical Therapy: More than Just a Game

As the number of children participating in athletics increases, so does the number of serious athletic injuries. To meet the growing demand for prevention and rehabilitation of these injuries, an increasing number of physical therapists are making child's play out of rehabilitation using video game technology.

Coping with Injuries in Youth Sports

Angela Ruggiero, US Women's National Hockey Team Member and four-time Olympic medalist, offers advice to parents on what to do when their child is injured in youth sports.

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