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What Are The Different Positions in Baseball?

A baseball team puts nine players on the field on defense: a pitcher, catcher, four infielders, and three outfielders.

Baseball, The Field

A regulation diamond has the following dimensions:
Batting Box: These are two squares on each side of home plate from which the player must stand to hit the ball. The pitcher may not throw the ball until the player is ready in the batting box.

The Rules of Baseball

Regardless of the age of your team, they will all play on a baseball diamond, which will be sized proportionally for the age of your team.

What Do Baseball Players Wear?

Each player should have a shirt or jersey, knee-length or longer pants, baseball socks / stirrups, shoes with rubber cleats, and a hat to shield the hot summer sun from their face and eyes.

Youth Soccer Players: By Position

There are eleven players per side in soccer, a goalie and ten in the field playing a number of different basic positions (forward, midfield and defense) in a variety of different formations.

Buying Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalie gloves are only worn by the goalie and have feather sticky synthetic palms which aid in the catching or deflecting of a soccer ball.

Buying Shin Guards

Shin guards are mandatory for children playing organized soccer and provide important protection against injury.

Basketball Injuries Are Common, Usually Minor

Basketball is a popular sport, especially among children and young adults. But the sport carries a risk for injury, whether played in an organized league or with friends on a local park court, More than 200,000 basketball-related injuries occur to young people under age 15 each year requiring treatment in hospital emergency departments, and basketball is the fourth leading cause of injury in both unorganized settings and organized community team sports.

Surveys Show Growing Popularity of Lacrosse at All Levels of Play

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S., with participation increasing at an estimated rate of over 10% per year.

Study Says Injury Rate for Girls Higher than Boys in High School Lacrosse

According to a 4-year study (2000- 2003) of injuries in lacrosse reported in the February 2007 issue of The American Journal of Sports Medicine, high school girls experienced a significantly higher rate of HFE (head, face, and eye) injuries than boys, in part because of a lack of protective equipment. Hopefully, the injury rate for girls will drop now that protective eyewear for girls has become mandatory.

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