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Basketball Injury Prevention

To help your child avoid sports injuries, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, and other sports and health organizations offer the following safety tips...

Basketball Injuries: Most Common, Risks, and Types

Basketball is a popular sport, especially among children and young adults. But the sport carries a risk for injury, whether played in an organized league or with friends on a local park court:

High School Sports:2003/2004 Rule Changes And Revisions by State Adoption Approved

State high school associations will have the option to adopt a "mercy" rule in high school basketball beginning next season. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Basketball Rules Committee voted that a state association may institute a running clock when a specified point differential is reached at a specified time in the game.

The Basketball Court

A Basketball Court's dimensions.

Basketball Skills

The skills associated with Basketball.

Basketball, The Positions

Point guards direct the team when on offense and cover the guards on defense. They are usually the shortest players on the team, but their quickness, ball-handling and passing ability, and ability to make steals (i.e. intercept) balls make up them very important players, despite their lack of height.

Buying a Basketball

A basketball is a typically a synthetic sphere with slightly raised bumps for traction. The ball is sized according to league and gender. Youth basketball (ages 8-12) usually use a basketball, 28.5-29 inches in circumference, with a weight of 18-20 oz. High School girls use the same size, while high school boys us a ball 29-30 inches in circumference with a weight of 20-22 oz.

Buying Optional Protection

Optional Protection

There are a few pieces of protection that may be a good idea to wear. Elbow pads prevent unintended contact from injuring other players. Knee pads can be a good idea to protect the knees in falls. Oftentimes goggles or face masks are worn to protect the eyes, or the face and nose from being re-injured.

Buying Mouth Guards

Mouth guards or "mouth pieces" not only protect the wearer's teeth, tongue and lips, but help protect against head injuries such as concussions. Depending on specific regulations, the mouth pieces should be worn at all times during play. The mouthpiece must be a highly visible color and is mandatory.

Buying Basketball Apparel

Uniforms should include socks, loose fitting shorts and a jersey.

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