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Foam Rolling: Essential Part Of Athlete's Training Routine

By rolling different muscle groups across a large piece of cylindrical foam, kids not only better prepare their bodies for exercise, but they can also help speed recovery time from intensive training and competition.

Sports Injury Prevention: Regular Screening By Physical Therapist Recommended

Taking a holistic approach to sports injury prevention, including regular screening by a physical therapist to identify muscle imbalances and/or biomechanical flaws, and prescribe corrective exercises, is critically important to the success of elite athletes, says physical therapist Patricia Ladis.

Article Exposes Flaws In Way American Youth Sports System Develops Talent

A piece by Michael Sokolove called "How a Soccer Star is Made" in the New York Times Magazine  is a must-read article for sports parents, not just for the fascinating glimpse it provides into the way a famous Dutch soccer club grooms athletes for pro careers but because it exposes serious flaws in the way the American youth sports system develops talent.

Number of Matches Played Determines Junior Tennis Players’ Risk for Injury, New Study Says

The number of matches in which junior tennis players compete during a tournament directly affects their risk for medical withdrawal during a tournament, significantly increasing after fourth match.

Elite Youth Athletes Need Close Monitoring By Parents and Coaches

Many parents and coaches of gifted child athletes entertain dreams of Olympic gold for their young charges. But prudence needs to be taken with elite child athletes, with parents and coaches continually evaluating what is in the best interest of the child. For parents, this means not only paying attention to what the child wants, but also taking responsibility to protect the child from overtraining.
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