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Summer Sanders (Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer and TV Analyst): Breakfast Is Most Important Meal Of Day

During May Is Sports Moms month, MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench caught up with four-time Olympic swimming medalist turned Olympic television analyst, Summer Sanders, at her Park City, Utah home.Summer Sanders at her Park City, Utah home

Sanders exploded onto the swimming scene during her years as a Stanford University student before winning two golds, a silver and a bronze at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.  Now a mother of a son and daughter, she has taken her knowledge of the sport outside the pool as a commentator for NBC's Olympic coverage and will be covering the London 2012 Games for a new outlet as well.

A former Olympic swimming great turned television analyst tells MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench that she is a big proponent of breakfast and of the importance of never skipping the morning meal.

Swimmers Have Special Hydration Needs

As any parent of a competitive age-group swimmer knows, an indoor pool tends to be a very hot and humid place even at the best of times. Pack in all the competitors and spectators at a day-long meet and the temperatures soar, with athletes in or around the pool losing fluids at a high rate.  Practices for competitive swimmers also tend to last a long time, during which athletes not only burn a lot of calories but lose a lot of water and electrolytes.

Cross-Training Helps Maintain Off-Season Fitness

Two-time Olympic track cyclist and mom, Erin Mirabella, talks about her experience with cross-training and offers advice to parents on helping their child find the right sport or cross-training regimen for them.
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